a toe tickling adventure

Mule, Moose, and Walrus are coming to visit me, Ratty, from New Zealand for the month of August. What happens when a Mule, a Moose, a Rat and a Walrus fit themselves and their gear into Luna, the Subaru, for a 3 week roadtrip from California to British Columbia and back? Lots of mayhem, laughter, antics, swimming holes, hikes, gin, and photos to back it all up. Adventure!

Assuming all goes well with the snow melting in the mountains after a record year of snowfall, the adventure will start with a weekend of camping at Lake Lola Montez in 3 weeks. From there, we head northward through eastern California, Crater Lake and Bend, Oregon, onward through some part of Washington to be determined, and up into eastern B.C. where we’ll explore the Kootenays and surrounding areas. After we’ve worn our welcome in eastern B.C., we’ll head over to the west side to Whistler for 4 days so the Moose and the Mule can fling themselves down the mountain on bicycles. With hopefully no broken bodies, we’ll continue back down south via Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland, before we cut over to the coast and enjoy the slow going but beautiful drive overlooking the ocean back to E-Ville.

Adventure. It’s tickling my toes. They’re dancing with excitement of being dirty. The good kind of dirty. The camping kind of dirty. The camping with good friends kind of dirty.


2 thoughts on “a toe tickling adventure

  1. rosiedreams July 15, 2011 / 9:13 pm

    If you guys need a place to stay on the Lost Coast on your way home let me know. The door’s always open… 🙂

    • what would babs do? July 15, 2011 / 9:29 pm

      Awesome, thanks Jeanine! That could very well be perfect. I’ll be in touch when it’s a little closer. 🙂

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